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Q2 2024 Stock Market Outlook

Contrarian Plays Are Becoming Increasingly Attractive in Today's Equity Market.

Out of the more than 700 stocks that we cover, the U.S. equity market has been trading above our fair value. While the rally was supported by better-than-expected earnings growth, it was the surge in stocks tied to artificial intelligence that registered the greatest gains. With the market normalizing, it's more important than ever for both advisors and investors to understand how these valuations can impact their portfolios.

In our Q2 2024 Stock Market Outlook, our research explores our equity research coverage by equity style box, economic moats, outlooks into the U.S. economy and equity sectors, and more.

Read the full report to uncover diverse growth opportunities in the equity market for you and your clients.

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Q2 2024 Stock Market Outlook

What's Inside our Market Outlook:

  • An in-depth analysis of the Q2 market outlook and the concentration of gains in specific stocks.
  • Examination of undervalued sectors and stocks offering potential growth opportunities.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of contrarian investment strategies in the current equity market.

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