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Morningstar Markets Observer: Q1 2024

The markets—impacted by a myriad of influences—constantly ebb and flow, making it critical for advisors and investors alike to know how they are weathering. Our researchers indicate that the markets broadly rallied in the final quarter of 2023, with in-depth analysis covering the following topics:

  • Equity markets 

  • Fixed income markets 

  • Funds 

  • Economic indicators 

Our Q4 2023 edition of the Markets Observer highlights the latest market data and macroeconomic trends across both global and domestic markets.  

Download the report now to find the right investment opportunities for your clients' portfolios.

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Morningstar Markets Observer: Q1 2024

What's Inside

  • Performance of global and domestic equity and fixed-income markets
  • How ETFs are shaping fund companies and investor portfolios 

  • Which economic factors financial advisors and investors should consider in their investment strategies.  

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