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Luxury Goods Landscape Report 

The luxury industry maintains strong but cyclical growth.  

Online luxury sales are forecasted to increase more than 30% by 2032, a signal that the luxury industry is expected to maintain growth in the near-term. To determine the state of this niche industry for investors and consumers alike, we evaluate several factors including:

  • Global incomes 

  • Wealth formation 

  • Brand strength 

  • Control over distributions 

  • Conspicuousness of consumption  

This report takes a closer look at key drivers of industry growth, the impact of Chinese consumption of luxury goods, ESG considerations, and more.  

Get the full report now to understand how you or your clients may want to invest in the luxury industry.

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Research Library Luxury Goods Landscape Report 

What's Inside

  • Factors that give luxury firms competitive advantages 
  • How Chinese purchasing power and consumer behavior trends can influence the luxury industry’s performance 

  • Which categories of the luxury industry are experiencing growth and stagnation 

  • The market share of top luxury brands and smaller luxury brands  

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