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ESG Industry Landscape Report: Commercial Air Travel

Fuel, labor, and maintenance all together constitute more than 80% of the direct operating costs of a commercial flight. Investors in airlines or aircraft manufacturers should consider how ESG risks could affect their portfolios.

The rising focus on climate change presents a major risk for commercial flights as one of the most pollutive forms of travel. Strict regulatory requirements on pilot training and qualifications can significantly affect human capital risk, while manufacturers face a much lesser threat. And although flying is safer than ever, investors need to pay attention to how companies manage product governance risk.

This industry outlook covers ESG risks and undervalued opportunities in commercial air travel.

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What's Inside:

  • The benefits and risks of investing in the commercial air travel industry.
  • An in-depth review of ESG risks, including carbon emissions, human capital, and product governance.
  • An analysis of the economic moats around airlines and aerospace manufacturers.
  • A short list of stock picks among the airlines based in every region we cover.

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