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Active vs Passive Investing U.S. Barometer Report

Active funds continued to fall short of their passive peers in 2023

Navigating the investment strategies landscape can be daunting, especially when deciding between active and passive investments. In 2023, actively managed funds fell short of their passive peers, with 47% of active strategies surviving and beating their average passive counterpart.

Our latest edition of the U.S. Active/Passive Barometer report analyzes the performance of nearly 8,338 unique funds in their respective Morningstar categories, particularly success rates, annualized excess returns, and more.

Download the full report now to understand the performance variation between active vs. passive investing and how these insights can influence your clients' investment strategies.

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What's Inside:

  • In-depth analysis of active fund against passive fund performance by categories like small-cap funds, mid-cap funds, and large-cap funds, foreign stock and more 
  • Comparisons of asset- and equal-weighted returns by Morningstar categories 
  • The relationship between fund fee, fund performance, and fund success rates 

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