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U.S. Renewable Energy Pulse: Q1 2024

Utility-scale solar sets a record in the fourth quarter of 2023 as the rooftop solar downturn persists.

Policy and regulation incentives, coupled with ESG considerations, are influencing the adoption of renewable energy sources in the U.S., particularly in California. Natural gas accounted for more than 40% of power generation last year, and wind and solar energy are expected to rise to nearly 45% of power generation by 2032. What should investors be paying attention to in this space? 

Our latest Q1 2024 pulse on renewable energy analyzes utility generation and capacity additions, pricing, installation, economic considerations, market share, and more.  

Get the full report to identify key trends and investment opportunities in this growing sector. 

What's inside

  • The new capacity addition concentration of solar, wind, and battery storage 
  • How battery storage is expected to impact renewable power generation 
  • Which companies are our analysts’ top picks in the renewable energy sector 

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