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ESG Proxy Voting: Voting records for the largest US and European managers

Take a deep dive into how the top U.S. and European asset managers voted on key shareholder resolutions. The gap between US and European managers grew in 2023, but so did the divergence between US managers. More precisely, U.S. support is falling while European support is consistently high.

Current trends in support for ESG resolutions are unlikely to change much in 2024. Sustainability-minded investors must continue to analyze whether their objectives are well aligned with US managers who are reducing support for key ESG resolutions.

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Research Library ESG Proxy Voting: Voting records for the largest US...

What's Inside:

  • Analysis of voting records on key shareholder resolutions  
  • Trends and patterns in the support for Key ESG resolutions in US and Europe 
  • Impact of historic voting trends and its reliability in recent decisions

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