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Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM has the tools and research you need to optimize your most critical advisor workflows – from one platform. Attract new clients, drive better investor outcomes through accessible financial planning capabilities, comply with current and future regulatory needs, and digitally quantify decision trade-offs.

Making Hard Decisions Easier

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Research & Due Diligence
Deliver better investment decisions and easily visualize trade-offs with detailed Morningstar data, research, and analysis.
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Investment Planning
Confidently help clients meet financial targets when you can easily create investment strategies that align to their unique goals.
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Portfolio Management & Monitoring
Access client information in a single interface that facilitates detailed portfolio analysis and ongoing monitoring of risk and performance.
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Client & Prospect Management
Build trust with clients using FINRA-reviewed reports that bring investment decisions to life and show the impact of your advice.

Choose the Membership Plan that Best Fits Your Needs

Assess Membership

Data, research, and visuals that make hard decisions easier.

Plan Membership

Create investment plans that connect to your clients' financial goals.

Engage Membership

Build client trust with investment decisions that match “best interest.”

What Advisors are Saying

Morningstar has been an ally in building my practice, helping prospects and clients benefit from third-party, deep-dive research. I can translate that information in a relatable way.

Taunya Villicana, CEO, Aspirational Wealth Management, LPL Financial
Taunya Villicana, CEO, Aspirational Wealth Management, LPL Financial

See What’s Inside

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Industry-Trusted Data & Research
(available in all memberships)

Advisor Workstation offers the broadest and deepest investment coverage in the industry, along with the most powerful tools available for screening, analyzing, and presenting results to clients and prospects.

a screenshot of Portfolio Snapshot
Client Reporting
(available in all memberships)

Add color to client communications with FINRA-Compliant reports and visuals. You can confidently show them your unique strategies with 10+ options of FINRA-review reports.

screenshot of a moderately conservative portfolio report
Analyst Research
(available in all memberships)

Back your investment proposals with the same data and insight that our global analysts use to follow the market by accessing videos, reports, and more on thousands of stocks, ETFs, funds, and IPOs.

screenshot of the Morningstar GoalBridge planning tool
Goal Bridge
(available in Plan and Engage memberships)

Help your clients identify meaningful goals and take action to make them a reality. Goal Bridge enables you to have goals-based conversations, then quickly connect those goals to a straightforward investment plan.

screenshot of the investment proposal tool
Investment Proposal Tool
(available in Plan and Engage memberships)

Match your client’s goals with firmwide strategies that drive towards their financial objectives using investment models, lists, and strategies. You can also run Monte Carlo projections to illustrate how different strategies might succeed.

a screenshot of the Best INterest Scorecard
Select Best Interest Investments
(available in the Engage membership)

Navigate your product shelf with independent research and an intuitive interface that filters selections and conducts comparisons so you can easily align to the best interest of your client.

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