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Get regulator-ready quickly with turnkey solutions that help advisors find and document a reasonable range of alternatives.

Morningstar’s cost-effective CFR-specific solutions that help small and mid-sized firms get up to speed quickly with little impact to their advisor’s daily operations.


Our turnkey CFR solutions align advisor activity to the firm’s compliance program, and help firms and advisors:

  • Build and maintain a competitive product shelf “approved list” that is easily distributed to financial advisors to meet Know Your Product (KYP) requirements.
  • Give advisors ready access to the information needed to understand the investment products they recommend.
  • Establish a standard process for advisors to show that they have considered a reasonable range of alternatives, with a built-in audit-trail that proves you have addressed suitability requirements.
  • Enable advisors to easily score a portfolio’s risk profile.
  • Make it easy to mobilize advisor compliance with solutions that provide built-in on-boarding and training.

An easy to set up tool to keep advisors compliant without slowing them down. Request a free demo today.

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