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U.S. E&Ps Landscape

While the future of oil is uncertain, global demand for natural gas is high

The energy sector has continued to evolve in tandem with technology, and so have its sources, including hydrocarbon resources found and developed by exploration and production companies (E&Ps). Oil demand is expected to peak around 2030, while natural gas consumption is growing across the globe. Our research analyzes the latest factors shaping the oil and gas industry:

  • Breakeven oil prices

  • Shale basins and regions

  • Liquified natural gases (LNGs)

  • OPEC

In this E&P landscape report, our analysts examine key industry themes, market share and concentration, outlooks into crude oil and natural gas, and more.

Download the latest insights, trends, and investment opportunities in the oil and gas industry. 

What's inside

  • The importance of cost advantage for commodity producers’ competitiveness 
  • A breakdown of the process to find and develop hydrocarbon resources 
  • The profitability and capital returns of E&P stocks 
  • ESG considerations—like carbon emissions and spills—influencing the industry 

What can investors expect in the oil and gas industry? Discover the latest insights in our Oil and Gas E&P Landscape report. 

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