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2024 Software Landscape Report

The software market is expected to grow by 14% in 2024

Software is pretty much anywhere, from our fingertips to our workflows to streaming our favorite shows—the list continues, and so does the industry's growth. In fact, the software market is expected to grow more than 10% annually through 2027. Our research attributes the following factors to this growth: 

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) 

  • Data 

  • The cloud 

  • Digital transformation 

In this landscape report, our analysts delve into the software industry, specifically market share and concentration, competitive advantages across different firms, future industry outlooks, and more.  

Check out the full report to uncover the right investment strategies for your clients' portfolios. 

What's inside

  • A breakdown of common software categories and software models 
  • How the SaaS model is changing software delivery mechanisms 
  • The importance of switching costs and retaining customers on firms’ economic moats 
  • ESG considerations—like data security and privacy—influencing the industry 

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