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Rolling Returns

Rolling returns display returns in overlapping cycles starting on the first day of the month--going back as far as the data we have available. The goal is to show you the frequency and magnitude of an investment's good and bad performance periods.

To find a fund's rolling returns, click on the Chart tab on the page for an individual mutual fund. You'll be directed to the fund's Growth of $10,000 chart. Toggle over the Growth tab, and you'll get a dropdown menu. Select the Rolling Returns option. You'll then see the three-month rolling returns for the investment--how often it was in the black in various three-month periods as well as how often it posted negative returns.

Rolling returns offer a useful lens into a fund's fuller return history and can help investors see through the haze caused by the latest data. By looking at rolling returns, investors can gain a full appreciation for how a fund's returns stacked up at any point in time, not just through the latest month or quarter-end. For example, a fund's current trailing three-year return spans just one discrete period. With rolling returns, however, an investor can look back 10 years or longer to see how a particular fund stacked up in every three-year period throughout its relevant history, encompassing a wider range of market types.

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