Friday, July 11, 2014
Dividend Investing
Companies are buying back shares at near-record levels, but Morningstar's Josh Peters says firms can serve shareholders much better with dividends rather than stock repurchases.
Stock Strategist
China's expanding middle class will give
e-commerce a boost.
Video Report
Morningstar's Jeremy Glaser looks at the top stories from the market. This week: The Fed discloses an end to the taper, eurozone concerns resurface, and a cupcake firm crumbles.
Video Report
More small-business hires, a better mix of job openings, and the potential for wage growth--while positive trends--won't change Morningstar's Bob Johnson's GDP forecast.
Morningstar Minute: Sector Update
Carbon-emissions laws have forced several coal-oriented utilities to improve their plants with multi-million-dollar investments, which, in turn, should contribute to dividend-growth opportunities.
Fund Times
With no explanation, Waddell & Reed fires the manager of a $12 billion fund.
    Morningstar Minute
    ETF Favorites
    Due to a lack of consensus on the issue, many foreign large-blend and emerging-markets funds are underweight South Korean firms.
      Morningstar Specialists
      Sam Lee: Rational Investing
      High-yield bonds are expensive, but if you absolutely demand high income, here's a closed-end fund to consider.
        Russ Kinnel: Fund Investing
        In all, we changed Morningstar Analyst Ratings on 15 funds in June.
          Rekenthaler Report
          The idea is good, but the benefits are overstated.
            Bob Johnson: Reading Indicators
            Shopping center data hit new highs, auto sales broke all expectations in June despite strong headwinds, and pending home sales made one of their biggest jumps in the recovery.
              Christine Benz: Real-life Finance
              In Part 3 of a three-part interview, T. Rowe Price's Christine Fahlund addresses the highly debated issue of withdrawal rates and the merits of "practicing retirement."
                Josh Peters: Dividend Investing
                P/Es could still rise further, but dividend investors should consider putting a ceiling on their purchase prices so they can maintain desired yields without paying
                too much.
                  Matt Coffina: Wide-Moat Investing
                  With the uptick in merger and acquisition activity, whether it be for tax-inversion or strategic reasons, investors should focus on the target company, which can benefit from the deal immediately, says Morningstar's Matt Coffina.
                    Real Life Finance
                    Five-Star Investor
                    When stocks have dropped, these funds tend to outperform their peers.
                      Mutual Funds
                      Fund Spy
                      The answer, so far, is yes; cultural constants preserve the firm's uncompromising ethos.
                        Stock Strategist
                        We assign the e-commerce firm a wide moat rating ahead of its IPO.
                          ETF Investing
                          Sector's robust comeback takes a turn so far in 2014.
                            Video Report
                            Western Asset's Rob Amodeo explains how it's no longer a "set it and forget it" muni market, and he also details why he likes some Puerto Rican bonds.
                            Perspectives: Knowledge@Wharton
                            The after-effects of the Great Recession have dealt a blow to the middle market. Companies must change their innovation strategies to respond.
                              Closed-End Funds
                              CEF Weekly
                              At midyear 2014, taxable-bond CEF categories like bank loan and high yield--which had strong runs last year--have had muted success, while preferred stock leads the pack.
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