Fed Brief

  • 02-14-2017 14:51:57 PM ET

    Fed Chair Yellen's semiannual monetary policy report to theCongress got underway today with Ms. Yellen making an appearance before theSenate Banking Committee. Herpresentation was carefully calibrated, as it almost always is, yet one can makea case that she let down her dovish guard a bit....

Bond Market Update

  • The Market at 15:21 ET

    10-Year: +7/32…2.42…EUR/USD: 1.0609USD/JPY: 112.93

    Treasury Market Stands Its Ground

    • Spiegel reports that the IMF will contribute EUR5 bln to the Greek rescue 
    • January Leading Indicators: Actual 0.6%, Briefing.com consensus 0.5%, Prior 0.5%

The Bond Column

  • 02-17-2017 16:36:55 PM ET

    The Week in Review/Week Ahead

    his week's U.S. economic data was about the best the optimists could have hoped for and yet Treasuries ended the week virtually unchanged. The producer price index, consumer price index, and retail...

Treasury Yield