Fed Brief

  • 12-02-2016 15:03:39 PM ET

    Out with the old and in with the new. It happens every year with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and the regional bank presidents who have a vote on that committee. The turnover occurs January 1; and it's important to know who the new voters will be since their policy views will go a lo...

Bond Market Update

  • The Market at 15:08 ET

    10-Year: +16/32…2.39…EUR/USD: 1.0658USD/JPY: 113.69

    Treasury Market Stands Its Ground

    • November Employment Situation Report
    • Nonfarm payrolls: Actual 178K, Briefing.com consensus 180K, Prior 142K (revised from 161K), September revised to 208K from 191K
    • Nonfarm private payrolls: Actual 156K, Briefing.com consensus 170k, Prior 135K (revised from 142K)
    • Hourly earnings: Actual -0.1%, Briefing.com consensus 0.2%, Prior 0.4%
    • Unemployment rate: Actual 4.6%, Briefing.com consensus 4.9%, Prior 4.9%
    • Average workweek: Actual 34.4, Briefing.com consensus 34.4, Prior 34.4
    • Fed Governor Brainard (FOMC voter): No remarks on monpol or economic outlook
    • Fed Governor Tarullo (FOMC voter): Warns against rolling back "strong foundation" of financial regulation

The Bond Column

  • 11-25-2016 14:09:45 PM ET

    The Week in Review/Week Ahead

    reasury yields moved higher again thisweek albeit at a slower pace than they did in the initial aftermath of DonaldTrump's victory in the November 8 U.S. election. The U.S. economic data forOctober...

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