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Extended Performance Rating--Hollow Star Rating

Morningstar provides adjusted historical returns and an Extended Performance Rating for some mutual funds in its universe. This means that any share class that doesn't have a 1, 3-, 5-, or 10-year performance history may receive a hypothetical Morningstar Rating based on the oldest surviving share class of the fund. First, Morningstar computes the funds' new return stream by appending an adjusted return history of the oldest share class. Next, the Extended Performance Rating is determined by comparing the adjusted-historical returns to the current open-end mutual fund universe to identify placement in the bell curve used to assign the Morningstar Rating.

Note: Morningstar Ratings that are based on extended performance returns appear as hollow stars. Data points that may be calculated with extended performance data include trailing returns, annual returns, Morningstar Ratings, standard deviation, mean, and sharpe ratio.


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