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Featured Stock: Ford
Ford's challenge in 2014 will be to keep its strong momentum going.

Splunk Makes a Splash in Big Data
But a strong quarter doesn't change our fair value estimate for this data-analytics software firm.

Chain of Thrones: Burger King and Tim Hortons Stronger After Joining Forces
Discount Apparel Retailer's Stock Looking Good at These Prices
What Makes a Moat?
In an excerpt from their new book, Morningstar's Heather Brilliant and Elizabeth Collins explore how to identify a moat and how intangible assets can help a firm carve out a sustainable competitive advantage.


as of 9/1/2014 Valuation
Communication Services 1.04
Energy 1.01
Industrials 1.03
Technology 1.04
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Wide-Moat Firms Whose Shares Have Lost Ground This YearStock NameMorningstar
Return %
CoStar Group Inc-22.25Amazon.com Inc-21.90Eaton Vance Corp-15.89Intercontinental Exchange Inc-15.68Kansas City Southern Inc-12.82Harley-Davidson Inc-11.64Discovery Communications Inc-11.29Data as of 08-08-14  
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