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Active ETFs in Europe: Small, Shy, and on the Rise

The universe is growing, but offerings are less active than expected.

Exchange-traded funds used to be synonymous with passive investing, but in recent years, assets in active ETFs in Europe have experienced exponential growth. As of March 2024, European investors have access to 87 active ETFs, which have accumulated approximately EUR 33.8 billion in assets. 

However, despite their growth, active ETFs currently comprise a modest segment, accounting for just around 2% of total ETF assets in Europe. These ETFs present a growth opportunity for active managers, but so far assets have mostly funneled to a few issuers.

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  • Deep dive into active ETFs in Europe and learn about their growth trajectory.
  • Explore the shift towards greater cost efficiency in European active ETFs.
  • Discover the popular asset classes, strategies, and themes featured in the European active ETF market. 

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