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Our Take on the European Crisis

At Morningstar, we believe strongly that it is counterproductive to react without collecting all the facts and considering your long-term investment plan. We've gathered a range of views from internal and external experts to help our subscribers make sense of recent market shocks, from the "Flash Crash" to the European crisis. From Morningstar's own Christine Benz, Scott Burns, and Pat Dorsey to outside experts such as PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian, Oakmark's David Herro, Artio's Rudolph-Riad Younes, and DoubleLine's Jeffrey Gundlach, we've made a range of ideas and opinions available to our Premium subscribers during this recent volatile stretch.

In case you've missed any of the coverage, we've included some notable links below:

Vaselkiv: U.S. Companies Will Overcome Europe Woes (Video)
Over time the positive fundamentals of U.S. companies will trump what's happening in Europe, says the T. Rowe Price High-Yield Fund manager.

Sri-Kumar: Banks Will Be the Carriers of European Contagion (Video)
TCW chief global strategist Komal Sri-Kumar says the impact of Europe's woes will be felt in the U.S. via global bank exposures and could result in less private-sector lending.

Yockey: Can't Paint Europe with Broad Brush (Video)
The Artisan manager says investors can find very attractive, well-managed companies that have recognized and are well-positioned for the slower-growth prospects in the region.

Wadhwaney: Opportunity to Buy and Buy More in Europe (Video)
Third Avenue International Value manager Amit Wadhwaney says the fund has been expanding its ownership of a number of European financial companies.

Which European Banks Are More Attractive for Bargain-Hunters?
Investors should exercise substantial caution with bank stocks domiciled in PIIGS countries, says Morningstar's Matt Warren.

Gundlach: European Shockwaves Far From Over (Video)
DoubleLine CEO, CIO, and portfolio manager Jeffrey Gundlach says the European debt crisis is not close to being 50% priced into the market yet.

Where to Draw the Line in Europe?
How many sovereign defaults could occur before financial Armageddon?

Clarity on the Europe Crisis (Video)
Morningstar's Pat Dorsey, Matt Warren, and David Sekera trace the potential global domino effects and uncertainties surrounding Europe's debt woes and bailout plan.

Taking Charge in a Downturn (Video)
Morningstar's Christine Benz and Jeremy Glaser offer portfolio dos and don'ts, plus high-quality stock and fund ideas for a volatile environment.

 More Picks from the Pullback
Amid the sell-off, these stocks are looking more attractively priced.

A Crisis Comparison (Video)
There are two key differences--one good and one bad--between the U.S. subprime and European sovereign debt crises, says Morningstar's Pat Dorsey.

European Banking Crisis Would Have Big Impact in U.S. (Video)
Morningstar's Matt Warren thinks the European Central Bank must build a firewall around failing European nations and banks or the crisis could spread across the globe.

Will a Weak Eurozone Derail the U.S.?
Morningstar's Bob Johnson examines the possible direct and indirect side effects of Europe's debt ailments.

Great Funds With Eurozone Exposure
These funds will be impacted by the euro's gyrations, for better or for worse.

Perspectives: Knowledge@Wharton
Crisis, Contagion and Bailouts: What's Next for the European Union?
How events spun out of control, how the Eurozone's economic performance may be affected, and the odds for similar crises in the future.

Perspectives: PIMCO
El-Erian: World Is Driving Without a Spare
PIMCO secular forum sees the world on a journey to an unstable destination, through unfamiliar territory, on an uneven road and, critically, having already used its spare tire.

Gurus Go Bargain-Hunting in Europe
Investors who are heading for the hills because of the European debt crisis are missing out on some good bargains.

Don't Unfasten Your Seatbelt Yet (Video)
The EU bailout plan could face hiccups in the short term, and long-term question marks still hang, says Morningstar markets editor Jeremy Glaser.

El-Erian: Greek Woes Will Keep Spilling Over (Video)
The PIMCO CEO and co-CIO says the Greek crisis is going global, and may lead to tighter credit in Europe and stronger headwinds around the world.

Herro: Second Shoe Dropping in Europe (Video)
The Morningstar International Manager of the Decade says he's been slowly adding to oversold European positions in his portfolio.

Younes: The Whole World Is Greece (Video)
The Artio International manager says most of the world's governments face issues similar to Greece, and precious metals will be the winners in the medium term.

Shaking Off the Market Shocks (Video)
Morningstar's Jeremy Glaser and Christine Benz offer tips for assessing risk and opportunity in a tumultuous market.

Sell Stocks for the Right Reasons
If you're changing your asset allocation, get a plan first.

Count to 10 Before Betting on a Europe Rebound
Greece, Portugal, and euro woes may tempt contrarians, but issues abound.

You Tell Us: A Short-Term Blip, or the Start of Something Really Bad?
Do you think Greece's problems will be contained, or are you concerned about a broader global market contagion? Join the conversation!