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Europe Equity Market Outlook Q2 2024

Equity Valuations Rise Amidst Weak Economy: Anticipation Builds for Interest-Rate Cuts.

Recent market rallies have propelled European equity valuations to record highs, highlighting a disconnect from the overall economic health. Despite the lack of strong corporate performance driving these gains, investors are eagerly anticipating upcoming interest-rate cuts that are expected to bolster the European economy.

Signs of resilience, such as increased mortgage lending and service-sector activity, suggest that these upcoming stimulus measures could ignite economic expansion. However, the impact of rate cuts may take time to manifest, with the ECB forecasting modest growth of 0.6% for 2024. Download the report to learn more.

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Europe Equity Market Outlook Q2 2024

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • A detailed overview of the current market situation, highlighting the disconnection between rising equity valuations and the weakening economy.

  • A sector-wise valuation overview, including a deep dive into the performance and valuation of key sectors such as communication services, consumer cyclical, and financial services.

  • Insightful forecasts for the future, including the highly anticipated impact of potential interest-rate cuts.

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