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2024 Utilities Outlook

The utilities sector is expected to grow this year

The past few years, the utilities sector has experienced high and low returns, making it a volatile investing space. What is the sector expected to be like this year? Well positioned for growth. With utilities stocks being 5% undervalued, there are four key themes driving this positive outlook:

  • Renewable energy
  • Politics and regulation
  • Interest rates
  • Energy demand

Our 2024 Utilities Outlook analyzes the factors influencing each of these key themes, its potential impact across different states and regions of the U.S., and top utilities stock picks.

Read the full report to discover how your clients can reap benefits from this undervalued sector.

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What's Inside our Research:

  • The impact of renewable energy—specifically solar and wind—on fuel sourcing 
  • How the 2024 presidential election can influence clean energy policymaking 
  • A look into the near-term future of sector-wide dividend growth 
  • The implications of increasing utility bills and energy infrastructure on energy demand 

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