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US Asset Manager Industry Pulse: Q2 2024

Improved AUM levels, revenue growth, and profitability have been fully reflected in current asset manager stock prices.

Since the start of the year, US equity markets have rallied 28%, lifting asset manager valuations close to our fair value estimates. Traditional asset managers are enjoying an improvement in traditional funds flows, while alternative asset managers experience an uptick in alternatives fundraising. How are these trends affecting investor returns?

Our Q2 report on the US asset management industry analyzes the influence of private and public markets, the challenges and opportunities for both traditional and alternative asset managers, top industry picks, and more.

Download the report now to learn how these latest insights can bolster clients’ portfolios.

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What's Inside

  • How US equity markets and the economy are impacting asset manager valuations 
  • How active and passive funds and private equity are shaping asset manager performance 

  • Which asset management firms are best positioned in the industry 

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