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US Stock Market Outlook: Q3 2024

The US equity market edges further into overvalued territory.

Out of the more than 700 stocks that we cover, the US equity market is trading at a premium to our fair value estimates, with 10 stocks responsible for about 67% of the market’s returns year-to-date so far. Thematic investing has dominated the stock market, but our analysts think now is the time for investors to find new investment strategies.

Our Q3 2024 US Stock Market Outlook examines our equity research coverage by equity style box, economic moats, sector valuations, mega-cap stocks and fixed-income spotlights, equity outlooks, and more.

Download the report now to find out how your clients can capitalize on current stock market trends.

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What's Inside our Market Outlook:

  • In-depth analysis of the market valuation by category, capitalization, and returns 
  • Which equity investing strategies our analysts recommend for long-term success 
  • Which companies are our analysts’ top stock picks across equity sectors 

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