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Mutual Fund Manager Stock Hit Rates

Few mutual fund managers get more than half their stock picks correct.

Investors may think it's easy for portfolio managers to find good stock picks, but the numbers don’t lie — even for professionals, it's harder than it looks. In fact, it's very rare for mutual fund managers to achieve a 50% or higher success rate in their stock picks.

What does this mean for investors? Taking a closer look at funds before investing.  

Our research analyzes mutual fund managers and the market stock hit rates by category and position size, the relationship between hit rates and fund performance, and more.

Read the full report to understand stock picking and how it can impact your investment strategy.

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Research Library Mutual Fund Manager Stock Hit Rates

What's Inside our Research:

  • The varying degrees of success among fund managers by category 
  • Why picking good stocks does not guarantee success 
  • The relationship between hit rates and fund performance 
  • How to use the “hit-it-big" metric to compare stock-picking skill with concentration of returns 

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