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Compare Robo-Advisor Performance & Assess the Best Options  

What features to look for when choosing a robo-advisor.  

Robo-advisors offer low account minimums, modest costs, and ease of use, making them more appealing to young investors. How do today’s robo-advisors stack up?

Morningstar’s latest report evaluates 18 leading robo-advisors. We compare the features and benefits that are most likely to help investors reach their financial goals.

While two providers stood out, several earned low scores for limited features or a lack of transparency. 

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Research Library Compare Robo-Advisor Performance & Assess the Best...

What's Inside:

  • Dive into the digital advice industry and its growth potential. 
  • Examine the benefits and difficulties for investors using robo-advisors. 
  • Review our rankings of 18 U.S. robo-advisors. 

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