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What Motivates Clients to Stay With Their Financial Advisors?

Learn how to maintain and strengthen your client relationships.

Every good financial advisor cares about their clients’ satisfaction. But the methods behind maintaining successful client relationships aren’t always obvious.

While financial results like investment returns are important, clients' emotional needs are of an even greater significance to their advisor relationships. In fact, the most common reason clients stay with their advisors is because they feel comfortable and understood in the working relationship. 

Our research uncovers how advisors can address retention factors by diving deep into the top three reasons clients keep their financial advisors, the importance of personalization, and more.

Read the full report and start forging stronger relationships with your clients.

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What's Inside our Research:

  • Detailed analyses of the common factors that motivate clients to keep their financial advisors
  • A checklist with actionable takeaways for advisors to implement in their client relationships 
Learn more about behavioral finance.

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