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Global Fund Flows Expose Trends in Investor Behavior

Evaluate the competition with global fund flows data

In the tumult of market booms and busts, fund flows data can help asset managers understand investor behavior on the macro level.

Morningstar’s annual report breaks down global flows by category, region, asset class, and more. Our analysts reveal a stark disparity between fund types by the end of 2022.

With detailed insight into global fund flows, asset managers can scope out the competition and discover new opportunities.

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Research Library Global Fund Flows Expose Trends in Investor Behavior...

What's Inside our Research

  • Take a deep dive into the largest fund families.
  • Identify leaders and laggards by category.
  • Analyze the differences in mutual fund and ETF flows.
  • Evaluate differences in fund flows across global markets.

After a rocky year for stocks and bonds, did investors pull out of the market? Morningstar’s comprehensive report covers 201,000 share classes with total assets under management of $47.7 trillion (about $150,000 per person in the US)With this research, you can dig into emerging global trends in market share. Uncover which categories attracted the newest investments and which fund families stumbled in 2022. 

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