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Understanding ESG Risks in Commercial Aviation: Sustainable Flight Insights

An Examination of Sustainability Challenges in the Aviation Industry

In the era of ESG, the commercial air travel industry must adapt to evolving risks which impact the industry's largest cost components: fuel, labor, and maintenance. ESG risks in commercial air travel have substantial implications for the industry's cost structure and investor interests. While airlines are dependent on fuel derived from fossil fuels, this reliance poses a risk of excessive carbon emissions and intensified scrutiny on the aviation sector’s carbon footprint. 

To ensure safety and efficiency of flight operations, regulations require pilot training, qualifications, and minimum crew numbers. Given the nature of aviation, product governance is yet again vital to prevent critical safety failures.  

Download and examine our report to see how we prepare for these ESG risks in the airline industry. 

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What's Inside:

  • How we scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAFs) options for continued market advantage and measurement of future alternatives. 
  • Detailed insights report on the potential pilot shortage and its related human capital risk.
  • Undervalued stock pick opportunities among airline industry leaders recovering from travel demand. 

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