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Digital and Analog Semiconductor Pulse: Q1 2024

Digital chip stocks are overvalued, while analog and mixed chip stocks are discounted

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators is unprecedented, so how is AI shaping the future of digital and analog semiconductors? The median digital chip stock is 16% overvalued, while the average analog chip stock is 5% undervalued, making the overall semiconductor industry 1% overvalued as of April 1.

Our latest Q1 2024 report on the semiconductor industry analyzes the digital, analog, and mixed semiconductor chip spaces, in addition to analysts’ top stock picks and annual forecasts for various semiconductor segments and end markets.

Download the report now to strategize how to invest in this quickly evolving industry.

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Research Library Digital and Analog Semiconductor Pulse: Q1 2024

What's Inside our Research:

  • How the emergence of data center GPUs and artificial intelligence are impacting the future of digital semiconductors 
  • Which factors are shaping semiconductor categories and their trends, demand, and sales 
  • Valuation snapshots of the average chip stock and each respective chip category 

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