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Cybersecurity Landscape Report

The cloud, consolidation, and data and privacy concerns are influencing the future of the cybersecurity industry.  

In an increasingly cloud-first world, cybersecurity is no longer an option—it's a necessity. More organizations are migrating their operations to the cloud, which is creating a more complex security threat landscape. As cybersecurity threats continue to grow in tandem with these migrations, the demand for cybersecurity solutions becomes even greater.

According to our data, the cybersecurity industry is forecasted to grow by 13% over the next five years, with significant growth in key areas like application security, endpoint security, and identity security. We also expect the demand for cloud-native security solutions to surge, as cloud-native security solutions outpace their on-premises peers.

Our report delves into the current state of the cybersecurity landscape, highlighting key drivers of growth, examining the market share and concentration, and more. Download your copy to uncover potential investment opportunities.  

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Research Library Cybersecurity Landscape Report

What's Inside

  • The cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly and remaining resilient during economic downturns. 
  • Cybersecurity solutions are shifting toward native-cloud security solutions.  

  • Customers are increasingly preferring consolidated cybersecurity solutions.

  •  A breakdown of cybersecurity companies’ market share and concentration. 

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