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Unintended Exposure to Digital Assets within Managed Funds

Digital assets like cryptocurrencies are becoming popular as alternative investments – even with higher risks.

Understanding the elevated risks and volatility of digital assets compared to traditional assets is crucial. With the rise in popularity of digital assets, public companies are pivotal in advancing blockchain and crypto adoption, introducing equities and managed investments that heighten risk exposure.

Unveiling the significance of these investments in portfolios is key for well-informed decision-making in the dynamic crypto market. Financial advisors, investors, and researchers must grasp the nuances of tangential exposure to digital assets, forming a robust framework to assess and manage crypto exposure effectively within the realm of alternative investments and crypto risks.

Download this report for valuable insights into managed investments and common stocks with the highest digital-asset exposure.

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What's Inside:

  • Insights on the challenges and benefits of investing in digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, within alternative investment portfolios. 

  • Exploration of the framework for identifying tangential exposure to digital assets in managed investments and common stocks, with a focus on potential risks and opportunities. 

  • Key takeaways on crypto exposure trends in global equities funds, the impact of regulatory environments on crypto-based products, and the implications of investing in digital assets for inflation hedging strategies. 

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