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COP15: A Turning Point for Investor Approaches to Biodiversity

COP15 presents a unique opportunity to increase awareness of the importance of biodiversity preservation and provides an opportunity for governments and the financial sector to come together to discuss the issue. Asset managers have already taken action by developing their policies and practices around biodiversity, engaging in initiatives such as the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge and Nature Action 100, and investing in funds that target biodiversity.

This paper examines the current policies of 25 asset managers, including the world’s five largest by fund assets, to understand how they have embedded biodiversity into their active ownership activities and what might change in the future.

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Research Library COP15: A Turning Point for Investor Approaches to Biodiversity...

What's Inside

  • An overview of the importance of biodiversity and the impact of COP15
  • An analysis of biodiversity as an investment and active ownership theme
  • An in-depth review of the current biodiversity policies of 25 asset managers

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