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2022 Carbon Credits Landscape

Carbon credit markets have grown in recent years, but there is still much debate over how effective they are at reducing emissions. Our 2022 report evaluates pricing trends and the potential of carbon credits as an impact investment.

Carbon credits are a way for businesses and individuals to offset their emissions by paying for carbon reduction projects. There’s a lot of volatility in the carbon market, making it difficult to predict how carbon prices will move in the future.

This report looks at carbon credit markets in the four markets, measuring maturity, depth, size, breadth, and investability.

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Research Library 2022 Carbon Credits Landscape

What's Inside:

  • An overview of the rising popularity of carbon credit markets.
  • A breakdown of two methods of pricing carbon: compliance markets, and voluntary markets.
  • An analysis of the mixed success at reducing emissions in four compliance markets, including California, the European Union, Quebec, and South Korea.
  • A long-term outlook on common criticisms and risks of carbon credits.The case for carbon credits as an impact investment.

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