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2024 Biopharmaceutical Industry Landscape

Innovative drugs and treatments continue to drive growth in the biopharmaceutical industry

With global spending on prescription drugs increasing by 6% annually since 2019, it’s no surprise that the biopharmaceuticals industry is growing—and it’s expected to keep growing, with a forecast of 5.2% annual sales growth through 2028 as newer treatments offset patent losses. What strategies should investors consider when investing in this burgeoning industry?

Our latest report on the biopharmaceutical landscape analyzes industry themes, market share and concentration, ESG considerations, outlooks in the overall industry, therapeutic areas, and drug pricing, and more.

Get the full report to discover which biopharma stocks will benefit your clients’ portfolios.

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What's Inside:

  • The relationship between expiring patents and drug innovation 
  • How product concentration and drug development affect biopharma firms’ economic moats 
  • Which therapeutic areas—like obesity and oncology—are expected to drive industry growth 

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