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Morningstar Canada Prospects Q1 2024 | Investment Strategies to Pay Attention To 

The Morningstar Canada Prospects list identifies investment funds and strategies for potential Morningstar coverage. The bi-annual report offers a list of closely monitored, up-and-coming and under-the-radar investment strategies and funds backed by our manager research team.

Our manager research team highlights 18 investment funds that warrant attention, and this edition of the research includes 4 new funds added to the list. Included in the report is a sample screen like those our analysts use to find additional strategies for qualitative analysis.

Download the full report to discover new investment strategies and funds for your clients, along with a detailed overview of each strategy and the process behind maintaining the Morningstar Prospects list. 

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What’s Inside

  • The Canada Prospects list increased by a net of four strategies in the first half of 2024.
  • Detailed analysis of every fund on the Prospect list by category.
  • Helpful strategies for qualitative analysis

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