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Target-Date Funds and Annuities...It's Complicated

Can a new wave of target-date strategies be the easy button for retirement income?

As the number of Americans nearing retirement continues to increase, the importance of ensuring a stable income and safeguarding against longevity risk is crucial. Moreover, navigating retirement-income products remains a challenge for both investors and their financial advisors. To address this challenge, financial professionals including advisors and asset managers are using a new strategy to help manage retirement spending: target-date funds with annuities.

These strategies combine the familiarity of target-date funds with the risk protection provided by annuities. For clients who plan to annuitize some or all their retirement savings, they may be a good option, but the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.

For ways to assist clients in managing their retirement spending and to explore the evolving role of annuities within target-date funds, access the full report.

What's inside

  • An in-depth analysis of the new wave of target-date strategies featuring annuities. 
  • A detailed examination of the benefits and complexities of these innovative funds. 
  • Insights into how these strategies can help manage retirement spending, along with reasons why these investments aren’t suitable for all investor types.

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