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Client Engagement Insights

Morningstar’s client engagement content is useful in sparking conversation between advisors and their clients. From the latest conventional wisdom in behavioral science to option overload, these topics help advisors guide their clients through stressful or emotional situations.

How an advisor encourages a client to approach their portfolio can make a big difference in how engaged the client stays, regardless of their return. Quick lessons like how to avoid common behavioral mistakes, how to plan for a potential market shock, and the value of personal goal setting establish new lenses through which a client can see their investments.

Morningstar research suggests the importance of personalized goals-based planning cannot be overstated.

A good, personalized goals-based strategy can improve portfolio performance over time and keep them engaged. Financial advisors can use helpful tools like Goal Bridge, available in Morningstar Advisor Workstation and Morningstar Office, to identify and prioritize goals, determine risk, and deliver personal investment strategies in just minutes.

And if the strategy is working, advisors can persuade their clients not to touch anything by sharing this checklist of behavioral techniques to help clients tackle financial stress.

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