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Personalized investment plans, easily aligned to your clients' preferences

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Personalize your recommendations based on your client’s risk comfort, values, and goals with the Investment Planning Experience in Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM

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Personalize Investment Planning for Investor Success


A Holistic Investment Planning Experience
Replace a patchwork of advisor tools with a single solution that brings together goal planning, proposal generation, risk profiling, and value alignment for a singular investment planning experience.


Their Values, Their Way
Values mean different things to different investors. Some may want to invest more sustainably or avoid sin-stocks, while others don’t have any preference. Have better conversations about what matters to your clients and connect it to investment choices.


Advice that Makes a Difference
Create an investment plan that shows the alignment of your advice with clear before-and-after visuals that resonate with your clients.

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Risk Ecosystem
Reliably assess client risk profiles and portfolio risk levels to deliver an investment plan in their comfort range.


Investor Preferences Tool
Connect to your clients’ revealed values and sustainability preferences to optimize their portfolios.


Investment Goals
Connect client goals to an easy-to-understand plan to drive meaningful investment conversations.


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