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UPDATE: Tesla services margins smell fishy, analyst says MarketWatch 06/23/18 EDT
Tesla services margins smell fishy, analyst says MarketWatch 06/22/18 EDT
Tesla stock falls after Bernstein issues cautious note on services margins, automotive gross margins MarketWatch 06/22/18 EDT
The Second Wave of Luxury Electric Cars Dow Jones 06/22/18 EDT
UPDATE: Alleged Tesla saboteur says 'Elon was lying to investors;' Tesla says he threatened violence MarketWatch 06/22/18 EDT
That Rattle You Hear Is From Auto Stocks -- WSJ Dow Jones 06/22/18 EDT
UPDATE: Tesla accuses fired employee of threatening to 'shoot the place up' MarketWatch 06/21/18 EDT
Trade Concerns Hammer Global Auto Stocks Dow Jones 06/21/18 EDT
UPDATE: Tesla will face first true test of its position in electric vehicle market in 2019, analyst says MarketWatch 06/21/18 EDT
UPDATE: The possibility of a trade war puts the hurt on a group of beloved technology stocks MarketWatch 06/20/18 EDT
UPDATE: What Elon Musk, Tim Cook and other tech leaders have said about separating immigrant families MarketWatch 06/20/18 EDT
UPDATE: Tesla's Elon Musk says Germany is leading choice for Europe Gigafactory MarketWatch 06/20/18 EDT
Car stocks slammed as trade war fears show no signs of abating MarketWatch 06/19/18 EDT
UPDATE: Elon Musk shows off new Tesla production line -- and it's in a tent MarketWatch 06/19/18 EDT
Elon Musk claims Tesla employee attempted 'sabotage': report MarketWatch 06/18/18 EDT
UPDATE: 'Black swan' author defends Tesla after actress posts video of car fire MarketWatch 06/18/18 EDT
UPDATE: Tesla may hit Model 3 production targets by end June, but sustained rate unlikely before Q3: analyst MarketWatch 06/18/18 EDT
UPDATE: Elon Musk buys $25 million in Tesla stock amid layoffs MarketWatch 06/13/18 EDT
UPDATE: Tesla to layoff 9% of its workforce, Elon Musk says MarketWatch 06/12/18 EDT
Tesla laying off about 9% of its workforce: report MarketWatch 06/12/18 EDT