We make it easy
to plan for retirement.

We make it easy
to plan for retirement.

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Morningstar can offer you independent advice on:

How much you’ll need to retire
A savings strategy to get there
When you can plan to retire
When to start Social Security
Which plan investments to choose

(Investment advice is provided by Morningstar Investment Management LLC.)

With Morningstar Retirement Manager, you’ll get:

A Target Retirement Income Goal

Do you know how much money you’ll need each year to live comfortably in retirement? That number’s going to vary for everyone, but our philosophy focuses on maintaining your level of take-home pay at retirement. That way retirement won’t be too much of a financial adjustment. In order to determine your annual retirement income goal, we project out your salary at retirement age, and then account for different tax needs and savings habits.

Personalized Recommendations

No cookie-cutter solutions here. Once we’ve determined your retirement goal, we’ll offer you a strategy to help you get closer to it. We’ll show you how much to save, when to retire, and when to start drawing Social Security. We can also sort out your employer’s retirement account in the context of any other money you have earmarked for retirement — pensions, IRAs, Social Security, old 401(k)s, your spouse’s savings, inheritances, you name it.

Professional Portfolio Construction

We’ll figure out how risky your investments should be, based on your age, financial situation, and other factors. Our experts will then evaluate the investments available through your retirement plan. Only investments that meet our standards and your overall risk profile are chosen. We’ll put your money into several kinds of investments based on the funds available in your workplace retirement plan, diversifying to prioritize moderate-but-steady gains in order to help minimize the potential for loss.

Ongoing Investment Management

Maybe you’re short on time these days, or you don’t like making investment decisions. You’re not alone. Luckily, you may be eligible to have the investment professionals at Morningstar Investment Management LLC manage your workplace retirement account for you going forward. A few times a year, our experts will review your account and – if appropriate – adjust or change your investments in an effort to meet your larger goals.

Get Started

To access Morningstar Retirement Manager, which has been made available to you by your employer, please log in to your account at workplace.schwab.com or schedule a consultation with a Schwab Advice representative at +1 (800) 724-7526 for assistance.

About Morningstar Investment Management

We’re an open book.
We don’t sell investments or profit off the investments we recommend. This allows us to always act in your best interest. We're also regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and they insist our recommendations be appropriate for your specific situation.

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