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Morningstar Research

Powering Confident Decisions

Tap into independent insight with global consistency

Built on a singular framework, the independent, global insights of our research analysts and quantitative models form the gold standard for analyzing investment options. Our commitment to transparency and demonstrated performance fuel the strongest outcomes.

Equity Research

Make confident investment decisions powered by our commitment to fundamental research and a consistent methodology across our qualitative and quantitative universes.

Manager Research

Empower investors to make the most suitable choices with analyst-driven insights into funds’ sustainable advantages, along with forward-looking perspective into how they might behave in a variety of market environments, across all asset classes.

Institutional Equity Research

Research on companies, deals, funds, investors, and service providers across the entire public and private investment lifecycle. Powered by PitchBook.

Morningstar® Essentials™

A toolkit for marketers to enhance their programs with industry-standard statistics and ratings recognized by investors and advisors around the world.

Manager Due Diligence and Selection Services

A list of managers and investments selected by our award-winning global manager selection team to drive better outcomes and help address compliance risk.

Close the Gap Between Complexity and Communication

Morningstar Rating for Stocks and Funds

Uncover the true value of stocks and find buying and selling opportunities with our forward-looking star rating for stocks. For funds, our star rating illuminates historical performance relative to peers.

Morningstar Analyst Rating

Identify funds and managed investments we expect to outperform their peers on a forward-looking basis. We use a five-tier scale for active and passive managed investments.

Morningstar Economic Moat Rating

Understand how a company's sustainable competitive advantages impact its ability to generate economic profits over the long term. We use a signature methodology focused on evaluating a firm’s Economic Moat.

Morningstar Quantitative Rating for Stocks

Help investors identify a broader set of investment opportunities across geographies, sectors, and styles. We use a forward-looking machine-learning approach that mimics our analyst-driven ratings process.

Morningstar Quantitative Rating for Funds

Expand investors’ breadth of coverage for more comprehensive decision-making. We base this rating on a machine-learning model that leverages past rating decisions to support analogous forward-looking ratings. Morningstar Quantitative Rating Analysis is a new lens to understand the justification behind this rating.

Morningstar Sustainability Rating

Show investors how the companies in their portfolios manage ESG risks relative to their peers. A refined design aims to establish systematic, reliable measures for this growing area of interest.

Harness Consistent Insights for Multiple Uses


Expand your reach to fuel competitive equity recommendations

Empower financial professionals to evaluate a broader set of equities and validate their assumptions against a trusted source for proven research and ratings.

Key financial professional activities:

Provide actionable buy-and-sell signals for investment selection
Identify and communicate equity investment ideas for client portfolios
Efficiently deploy a uniform equity recommendation solution
Improve investor outcomes by delivering recommendations with the greatest impact
Mitigate risks and contribute to regulatory compliance requirements


Customize for Sustainable Suitability

Build a custom list of suitable funds and ETFs with a single market standard for assessing ESG risks and opportunities.

Key financial professional activities:

Get educated on sustainability trends and how to position your firm for policy changes
Directly compare funds and managed investments across parent firms and categories
Use company- and fund-level metrics to develop new investments and vet exclusions
Build custom lists of suitable funds to capture upside performance versus peers
Reach a new generation of investors with differentiated products


Meet Evolving Regulatory Standards

Establish a curated product shelf and help investors evaluate suitability, separate cost from commission, and surface reasonably available alternatives to ensure best interest decisions.

Key financial professional activities:

Develop investment lineups that serve the best interest of clients
Enhance your firm’s product shelf with our objective research and ratings
Review your product shelf to ensure every fund has a purpose
Guide your fund selection process to determine reasonable recommendations
Empower financial professionals to perform their own analysis using data and insights


Differentiate Your Funds

Tell the story of your investments with research and ratings investors trust. Tap into our independent and proven metrics to validate important details about your managed investment products through peer comparison and forward-looking analysis.

Key financial professional activities:

Tell the story of your investments with research and ratings investors trust
Build investor confidence and validate important details about your products
Use the expanded coverage from our sustainability metrics to our quantitative ratings
Show the power of a fund beyond its returns and promote its strengths


Track Changing Investor Preferences

Tap into tangible insights based on investor behavior to learn which funds, ETFs, and stocks are in favor, and which are falling behind.

Key financial professional activities:

Evaluate the preferences of investors over time
Uncover trends in investor attention across key themes
Discover new opportunities—attention today could lead to flows tomorrow
Identify investments whose attention may be disproportionate to their quality
Help investors understand how their own behavior may impact performance

Power Actionable Decisions with Consistent Frameworks

Learn more about Morningstar research methodologies.

Economic Moat

Our equity analysts use a long-term approach to valuation, based on a signature methodology that contextualizes and conveys investing insights simply and clearly.

Analyst Rating for Funds

Our manager analysts assign this forward-looking, qualitative rating based on their assessment of a fund's investment merits using a five-tier scale for active and passive managed investments.

Quantitative Rating for Stocks

Our quantitative equity star ratings expand the universe of forward-looking insights to a large universe of more than 50,000 global stocks.

See Our Research in Action

COVID-19 Vaccines Industry Report

We take a deeper dive into major trends within the healthcare industry including the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on the U.S. recovery.

H2 2020 Morningstar Active/Passive Barometer

We measure the performance of U.S. active managers against their passive peers and identify the funds that typically have long-term success rates.

2020 Morningstar Fund Family 100

We compare the largest 100 fund families by assets under management through an assessment of their funds available for sale across Europe.

Ready to See for Yourself?

See how Morningstar’s Research can help you help investors build a better financial future.