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Investor-first Insights for Investment Professionals

We help professional investors grow their business with time-tested data and research

Investment professionals do more with our solutions.

Explore new opportunities, navigate market volatility, and deliver exceptional client experiences with the power of Morningstar at your fingertips.

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Data, Research, and Ratings

Maximize client engagement with the gold standard for long-term investment information.

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Investment Technologies

Power thoughtful investment analysis and clearly communicate insights using adaptable technology, built with Morningstar investment intelligence.

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Investment Management and Indexes

Meet investors’ priorities with purpose-built portfolios and indexes that channel a long-term ethos.

Explore sustainable investing solutions to widen the aperture of your investment analysis and uncover new opportunities.

See what you can do with Morningstar.

At a time when changing consumer demands and modernization of experiences are a part of every business decision, Morningstar can help you deliver personalization at scale.

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Discover new ambitions for your practice with innovative ways to engage new clients, expand wallet share with existing clients, and maximize lifetime customer value.

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Asset Managers

Leverage Morningstar as your competitive advantage. Build investments, analytics, and a story-telling engine with world-class investment information.

Solutions for Advisors

Show your understanding of your clients and unlock efficiency gains in the process. Harness the power of Morningstar data and research with clarity and consistency, integrated with the way you work.

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Develop a complete picture of your clients’ financial health, hone in on their preferences and create financial plans unique to every snowflake in your book.


Client Data Management

Client Profiling

Financial Planning


Identify quality investments and construct personalized portfolios with game-changing data and research suited to the needs of your clients and your greater organization.


Investment Research & Due Diligence

Investment Screening & Selection​


Ensure portfolios remain aligned to your clients’ objectives at the speed of the markets with timely portfolio insights that drive thoughtful management decisions.


Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Management​


Translate information into actionable insights and empower investors with the clarity they need to understand their investments, make decisions, and build the determination to stick to their plans.


Client Communications

Financial Wellness

Market Monitoring

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Solutions for Asset Managers

Find your place within the industry’s evolving investment trends to navigate the present and innovate for the future. Build investments, analytics, and a story-telling engine with world-class investment information.


Harness rich datasets and intuitive tools to unpack big industry trends and dive deep into investments’ strengths and challenges.


Performance Comparisons

Risk Profiling

Market Monitoring


Illuminate trends in emerging areas of interest to gain insights into investors’ preferences and streamline workflows with targeted solutions or robust software platforms.


ESG Data & Analytics



Reduce your regulatory risk by tracking and reporting required datasets, while also offering compliant client experiences that ensure your work is best suited to each investor.


Investment Holdings Data

Communicate & Distribute

Show your understanding of the client through a curated, visual showcase of products and metrics they care most about, while conveying ideas with clarity across broad distribution channels.


Ratings & Rankings

Reporting Solutions

Comparison Tools

Professional-Strength Research Reports

Our professional solutions give you research reports that don’t just scratch the surface—they dive deep to deliver the information professional investors need.

Report covers for 2020 Health Savings Account Landscape, Sustainable Funds U. S. Landscape Report, and 2021 Target-Date Strategy Landscape

Ready to see for yourself?

Transform your business with investment data, research, and analytics that elevate the way you work.