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Morningstar Enterprise Components

Show clients how you’re different with a reimagined digital experience.

Build a lasting business
for tomorrow.

What does it mean to transform? It could be scaling your digital presence globally, or something as core as delivering a better experience for investors. No matter the goal, we know this for sure: Rapid technology innovation calls for thinking bigger than we do today.

Tools for the investor trends we see now.

We’re tuned in to what investors are looking for. Our components and the smart engines that power them are built to drive investor success. If you need an API or a ready-made tool, we can meet you where your technical capabilities are with an inspired solution.

Improve the experience for all your clients.

An efficient process signals an endurable digital footprint. Inconsistent updates and out-of-sync systems can slow exciting change. We’re a full-service provider, from the data and research itself to the APIs and components that power the experience.

Supporting Investors at Each Step

Enhance your platform with components that help clients make better investing decisions.

Engaging and Educating
Gauge the financial health of investors and discover new ways to involve them in the discussion about what they want to achieve and when.
Setting Goals
Define financial goals and then evaluate them to ensure they are achievable based on factors like time, resources, and tolerance for risk.
Evaluating Portfolios
Analyze what’s in the portfolio, diagnose its strengths and weaknesses, and see how it would behave under certain macro-economic scenarios.
Choosing Investments
Enable investors to make their own investment selections or choose predefined models and create a portfolio.
Proposing the Plan
Present proposals that break down a portfolio’s construction and compare portfolios and fees, using intuitive charts and graphs.
Monitoring Portfolios
Track how a portfolio is performing with access to historical tick data, news, stock quotes, and an overview on the markets.

Want to learn more? See our full list of components and APIs.

Ready to See for Yourself?

Transform your business with interactive tools for investors.