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Direct Web Services

Portfolio analytics and investment research APIs.
Powerful new insights.

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A Simpler Way to Build a World-Class Digital Experience

With built-in, on-the-fly services for calculations and aggregations, Morningstar Direct Web Services serves display-ready content to your web applications. Our APIs empower you to seamlessly integrate Morningstar's data, research, and reports so that you can create more meaningful client experiences.

Investment Research APIs

Unlock research and 2,000+ data points on over 300,000 investments. Configure APIs to search, sort, compare, and analyze investments that meet your users' criteria.

Discover Opportunities with Investment Screening
Search investments to quickly find ones that match your criteria. The configurable API can filter custom groups of investments across 200 data points, including Morningstar ratings, performance, fees, and more.

Dive Deeper Into Securities Data
Dynamically obtain data on a set of securities to build single-investment profiles. Our configurable APIs can serve relevant data for each investment type based on the market, language, and currency you select.

Track Investment Performance
Retrieve investment performance data over a specified time period to create charts or calculate returns. This API can convert prices and return data into any currency.

Access Morningstar Reports
Dig into the best of our timely and relevant investment reports. Our analysts assess management expertise, size up the competition, calculate risk, analyze earnings calls, and much more.

Unlock Editorial Content
Stay on top of breaking investment news and retrieve articles from Morningstar.

Help Investors Save for Retirement
Retrieve data on mutual fund lineups and fees for U.S. defined contribution plans. The API supports rollover analysis and helps firms offer compliant wealth management services to investors.

Portfolio Analysis APIs

Help investors understand what's in their portfolios with side-by-side comparisons and benchmarks. With Direct Web Services, you can analyze portfolios by risk, performance, exposure by asset class and sector, and much more.

Gain Deeper Insights with Portfolio X-Ray
See into the underlying holdings data for each fund in a portfolio. With portfolio analysis tools, you'll get on-demand metrics on asset allocation and concentrations by sector, region, and equity style.

Evaluate Your Portfolio's Sustainability Metrics
Review environmental, social, and governance metrics at the fund and company level. Select the funds and stocks to match your users' preferences.

Assess Regulatory Metrics
Use our calculation services to assess expected portfolio investment fees, gain alignment with key regulatory requirements, and access legal filings.

Assess Portfolio Risk Exposure
Use the Morningstar Portfolio Risk Score to measure the risk inherent to an investor's holdings. Our proprietary methodology benchmarks the risk of a portfolio against our industry-leading target risk indexes.

Developer Resources

Direct Web Services provide access to thousands of data points. Availability is dependent on your region and the security type being queried.

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