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Staying in Step With Investor Preferences

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Explore flows data to see where investors are focused, using our business intelligence tools. Teams can predict likely future outcomes, pinpoint investor trends as they unfold, and fine-tune their distribution plans, for a proactive approach to asset management.

How Investor Pulse Works

Read in-depth research on the performance of your own funds and your competitors.

Support decisions on when to lower fees, when to develop, and when to pull back on products.

Get a snapshot view of how your overall firm is performing and run analytics versus key competitors.

See which funds are thriving, rising, lagging, or underperforming based on influential factors we've identified.

Forecast the flows of a given fund up to two years into the future using our predictive models.

Get a market overview of where money sits and where it's flowing across product types, categories, or regions.

What Factors Drive Investment Flows?

Investor preferences are generally consistent, but our new study found something interesting. Over the last three years, investors preferred more established funds at a higher rate than the previous period studied, but performance doesn't drive flows like it used to.

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