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Gerard O’Reilly: Control for the Unexpected, Focus on the Expected

DFA’s co-CEO and chief investment advisor shares the latest on the launch of its ETFs, the importance of client relationships, and the role of academic research in the firm.

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Our guest this week is Gerard O'Reilly. Gerard is co-CEO and chief investment officer of Dimensional Fund Advisors, an asset manager headquartered in Austin, Texas, that manages more than $600 billion using a systematic investing approach. In his role, Gerard works with his co-CEO, Dave Butler, to set the firm's vision and strategy while also overseeing its investment processes. Prior to assuming his current post, Gerard was Dimensional's head of research. In addition to serving as a Dimensional director, Gerard co-chairs the firm's Investment Research Committee and is a member of its Investment Committee. Gerard obtained his doctorate in aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology and his master's degree in high-performance computing from Trinity College, Dublin.



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