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Liz Ann Sonders: 'We Could See Some Inflation Scares'

Schwab's chief investment strategist discusses the impact of the pandemic in 2020 and what the new year will bring for the market and the economy.

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Our guest on the podcast is Liz Ann Sonders, who is senior vice president and chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab. In her role, Sonders is responsible for conducting market and economic analysis, which she and her team publish in a variety of forms. She also regularly appears in the financial media and was recently named to the Barron's "100 Most Influential Women in Finance" list. Sonders joined Schwab in 2000, when the firm acquired her prior employer, U.S. Trust. Before that, she was a managing director and senior portfolio manager at Avatar Associates. Sonders received her bachelor's degree from the University of Delaware and her Master of Business Administration from Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business.


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The Pandemic and the Future

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