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Best of the Long View 2020: The Pandemic and Investing

From coronavirus to ESG, these are some of the most memorable moments from our podcast in 2020.

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Hear some of favorite clips from conversations we had in 2020 with portfolio managers and investors in this week's episode.

Here are the complete episodes that are referenced in this week’s episode.

Mohamed El-Erian: 'We Did Not Prepare for Something As Severe As What We’re Facing’

Rick Rieder: Nobody Has Ever Seen Anything Like This

Dan Fuss: It's Too Early to Relax

Mary Ellen Stanek: Hitting for Singles and Doubles in the Bond Market

Jon Stein: 'Free Trading Is Actually Going to Cost You'

Burton Malkiel: 'I Am Not a Big Fan of ESG Investing'

Jim Dahle: 'Income Is Not Wealth'

Charley Ellis: Why Active Investing Is Still a Loser's Game


Will Danoff: Succeeding at Scale

Jerome Clark: 'We Tend to Become Myopic in a Bear Market'

Michael Reckmeyer and Matthew Hand: How to Protect Downside Amid Lofty Valuations and Paltry Yields