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Best of the Long View 2020: Financial Planning and Retirement

From financial-life planning to the latest retirement research, these are some of the most memorable moments from our podcast in 2020.

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On this week’s episode we’ll feature some of our favorite clips from interviews we’ve done on the topics of financial planning and retirement research.

Here are the complete episodes that are referenced in this week’s episode.

Michelle Singletary: ‘You Need Diversity  

Kerry Hannon: Remote Work Trend Benefits Older Workers

Wade Pfau: The 4% Rule Is No Longer Safe

Jonathan Guyton: What the Crisis Means for Retirement Planning

Jamie Hopkins: How Low Bond Yields, Recession Impact Retirement  

Mary Beth Franklin: To Fix Social Security, 'Everybody Is Going to Have to Be Unhappy’  

Tim Maurer: ‘Personal Finance Is More Personal Than It Is Finance’ 

Lazetta Rainey Braxton: ‘Financial Planning for ‘the Rest of Us

Carl Richards: ‘Let’s Focus on Being a Little Less Wrong Tomorrow’

Ramit Sethi: ‘What Is Your Rich Life?  

Brian Portnoy: Balancing Returns with Simplicity, Financial Independence, and Peace of Mind