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Simon Hallett: What Football Can Teach Investors About Franchise Value and People Management

The Harding Loevner co-CIO discusses what it's like to own a soccer team, his thoughts on behavioral finance, and the people and processes that make up the firm.

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Our guest today is Simon Hallett. He is the co-chief investment officer at Harding Loevner, an investment boutique that manages more than $70 billion for individuals and institutions. Harding Loevner's specialty is global-equity investing, which it offers through its flagship International Equity and Emerging Markets strategies. In his role as co-CIO, Hallett oversees research and decision-making for the firm. Prior to joining Harding Loevner in 1991, Hallett was stationed in Hong Kong, where he did research and portfolio management stints at Kleinwort Benson and Jardine Fleming Investment Management. He's a graduate of Oxford University and a CFA charterholder. In addition to these duties, Hallett is also the chairman and majority owner of the Plymouth Argyle Football Club in Plymouth, England.



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Behavioral Finance and Decision-Making

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