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Karen Andersen: The Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine

The Morningstar healthcare strategist discusses the latest on COVID-19, including virus forecasts and vaccine updates from the leading biotech and pharma companies.

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Our guest this week is Karen Andersen, a healthcare strategist on Morningstar's equity research team. She has written a number of influential commentaries and analyses on the healthcare sector, with a focus on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Her most recent work has focused on the outlook for the COVID-19 pandemic, treatments for the disease, and the race for a vaccine. Before joining Morningstar in 2005, Andersen earned her bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Rice University and received her Master of Business Administration from Rice's Jones Graduate School of Business. She is a CFA charterholder.


Karen Andersen's healthcare commentaries and analyses

Virus Containment and Diagnostics

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Contact tracing definition

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Vaccine Development and Approval

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RNA vaccine definition

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Herd immunity definition

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